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Breaker Box and Outlet Inspections Pella

The breaker box and outlet inspections performed by Panoptic Inspections cover evaluate the health of your electrical system in your home. We check every breaker for excessive heat signatures, loose connections, undersized wires and even rust.

Breaker Box Labels

Do you know how to turn off the power in your home? Did you know that you should be able to turn the power off in your home in 6 moves or less? Panoptic Inspections will take the time to show you what you need to know about your electrical panel. We also offer additional services to help you label your electrical panel so there is less guesswork and more confidence in knowing which breaker does what.

Breaker box and outlet inspections are necessary

It might cost more upfront to add these services, but the cost of having a professional company check and treat the home for mold, bacteria, termites, and water damage is minimal when compared to paying for a homeowner to fix these issues. When a home has been built and lived for several years, it is possible that little damage ever occurs. However, homes that have been newly constructed or remodeled are more susceptible to infestations, and a breakeven inspection can alert a homeowner to the problem. This can save a company money, as well as letting a homeowner know that their home is in great condition.

Why Choose Panoptic Inspections LLC
Your satisfaction is our priority
At Panoptic Inspections it is highly important that you are happy with your services. We provide an easy to follow and detailed report outlining the concerns observed. We classify each of the concerns based on 3 categories - Minor, Moderate, or Major to help you with your decisions on which items may be more important to tackle first. Not only do we identify concerns, we also make a recommended action to be taken whether it be a DIY/handyman project or a structural engineer assessment - you’ll have comfort knowing where to go next to get the assistance needed.
24 Hour Report Turnaround Time
We understand that time is of the essence, Panoptic Inspections strives to have reports turned around to the buyer in 24 hours or less following your inspection. Our Inspections include an assessment of the exterior structure, roof, heating and cooling equipment, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, commonly included appliances, and foundation. In the rare occasion that a report may take more than 24 hours, you’ll feel at ease because there will have been clear and open communication leading up to the delay.
Easy to Read Reports
We offer our customers an online dashboard where they can view their agreements, invoice, and inspection report(s). We use Spectora, which is a top-rated, intuitive software for home inspections. Using this software, we generate reports that are accurate and easy to understand.
Our Certifications